When do you think e...

When do you think electric cars will be the only ones we drive?  

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I am seeing more and more of them in my area and with the costs of oil going up, I can't see why people would carry on driving standard vehicles. I would love to have an electric car myself but they are still too expensive and it seems as though electricity isn't a cheaper option, not but much when you compare the numbers.

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When they make them affordable. Right now, it is too costly to own one. You do save some in terms of fuel but you pay 3 times the amount when something needs to be repaired and once the battery dies, the car is useless. Some cars don't even last 5 years either. If you want to keep it, you have to put in nearly half the price of the car to replace the battery.

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I think once gasoline prices are way too high and electric cars become cheaper with longer range than 400 mi. We need electric cars that can reach 1,000 miles per charge. Also charging has to be faster too, like 30 minutes for a full battery.

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I feel like they should focus on a medium. Instead of forcing people to buy electric, switch to hybrids. Make it a law that all vehicles moving forward need to be hybrid ones. This way we are moving in the direction at a pace everyone can afford. 

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If I had to guess, probably in another 20 to 30 years. They will be phased out slowly. We are already seeing a lot of hybrids. We have to wait until the companies themselves stop making them. 

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We are a long ways our from this. There are too many car makers that make standard ones and they show no signs of declining in that anytime soon. I would imagine we will see an increase of hybrid cars but I can't see things going to fully electric for a long, long time. Maybe not for another 50+ years.

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In VN I think over 40 years later kk

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I can't see it happening for a very long time. I am assuming we will eventually move to hybrids which is fine by me. I can't see fully electric cars being the standard for at least another 50 years. 


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