5 Reasons to Travel...

5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam  

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If you're looking for an exotic travel destination that's inexpensive and off the beaten path, consider Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country has plenty to offer tourists, from stunning landscapes and ancient temples to bustling cities and delicious food. Here are five reasons to add Vietnam to your travel itinerary. 1. Vietnam is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world. photo: Ian Slater From the towering mountains in the north to the…

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I'm planning my first trip there, and I've been looking for resources like this to help me plan. I can't wait to get started!

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You can ignore the culture, scenery, etc. and the food alone all by itself makes it worth going. Hands down. I have had some of the best tasting dishes of my life in Vietnam. 

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I think once people open up to the culture and food within Vietnam, it makes it way more appealing to travel to. I think a lot of people are still heavily focused on places like Japan and it gets overlooked. 

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I can give you a shorter list of reasons not to go. Vietnam has so much going on that I find more reasons to visit it every few months. I think the only reason someone might not want to go or it may not be worth it is if they can't afford to travel at all or they are afraid of planes. 

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@lofire I know, right! Really, the biggest reason I had not gone in the last few years was COVID but now that it is not so much of an issue, I can't afford it! So I am working on saving money so I can hopefully plan a trip for this November. 


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