Are you going in 20...

Are you going in 2022?  

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It seems like most of my friends and family have canceled their trips this year due to the flight prices going up more and more. I would imagine this has to do with fuel prices being up. They are double in many areas and this is resulting in flights being up anywhere from 25 to 50%! 

Are you planning to go to Vietnam this year or are you waiting for the prices to come back down?

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No, sadly I just can't afford to go this year. I am planning on going in January, assuming the prices come back down and things are not so hectic around the world! 

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I had hopes of going earlier this year but had to cancel.

While things have become more normal, airlines are still up in the air. A lot of people are complaining about flights being canceled and rebooked on them left and right. 

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@aodaii Well I would hope airlines are up in the air, planes should be LOL

But yeah, me too. I had several trips planned since 2019, all of which have gotten canceled. I am hoping for later this year but it is not looking likely if prices don't come back down.

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No. I had no plans for it. I had plans for going in 2021 but because of Covid, those got canceled. I am trying to plan a trip for next year now though. 


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