Dioxin hotspots are...

Dioxin hotspots are places to avoid finding a girl or wifey in Vietnam  

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These areas are the most heavily sprayed with dioxin widely known as Agent Orange. When I'm back in Vietnam I always ask the girls, where is your hometown? If they reply that they are anywhere near one of these places, it's a no for me. Am I selfish for not wanting to give birth to a baby that suffers?

  1. Đồng Nai 41%
  2. Bình Phước/Bình Dương 24%
  3. Thừa Thiên Huế 25%
  4. Tây Ninh 23%
  5. Quảng Trị 17%
  6. Kon Tum 11%
  7. Binh Dinh 10%
  8. Quảng Nam/Đà Nẵng 8%

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