Is it ideal to trav...

Is it ideal to travel Vietnam with an electric scooter?  

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If I were living in Vietnam and bought an e-scooter, would it be a bad idea to travel long distances? The e-scooter I plan to buy when I'm there has a range of 120 km per charge. It's a VinFast Klara S escooter and I heard there are places to rent batteries to quickly swap and continue driving but it cost monthly.

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Hi. I think it's better to travel by the scooter that using gas. Because u can easy to find the gas station everywhere. For the electronic, it's so hard to charge on the way.

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Scooters tend to be cheaper and I think they tend to last longer as well. Motorbikes are great too, but they're bigger and bulkier and a lot more dangerous I think. Either or is a great option for getting around Vietnam I imagine. 


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