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Get a Visa for Vietnam: The Different Types of Visas Available and Costs  

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If you're one of the many people who are interested in traveling to Vietnam, you may be wondering what the process is for obtaining a visa. In this article, we'll provide an overview of the different types of visas available and outline the requirements for each. We'll also discuss how to apply for a visa for Vietnam and what to expect once you arrive in the country. So read on to learn more! What is…

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Hey there!

This is so helpful. Thanks for putting this together! I’m planning a trip to Vietnam soon and was wondering what the visa requirements are. It sounds like you have to get one in advance, but then I’ve also heard that you can just show up and get one on arrival at the airport. Can you please clarify? Thanks so much!

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Cheers lads! I'm a Brit living in Vietnam and this is absolutely spot-on. For visa information, no matter who you are, I'd recommend taking a gander at the official Vietnamese embassy website.

For more info on traveling in the country, take a look at these things to know before you go to Vietnam.

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I never considered this but I have a friend who would love to move there. She has friends and started dating someone from there. They only got to see each other once since the pandemic which is sad!

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The entire visa process is so confusing to me but this really did explain it well enough for me to grasp it. I think people make it more complicated than it is so they can make money from it.

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What a helpful information! I wonder how it is before I read this. Thank you


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