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How to Choose the Right Mode of Transportation in Vietnam  

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The transportation options in Vietnam are more than plentiful and can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there is the extensive train system which means you don't have to worry about traffic jams or parking spaces. There's also buses, waterbuses, cars and motorbikes for those who want to explore Vietnam by land. But on the other hand, with so many options it can be difficult to know which one is the…

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I'm a big fan of the train. I used to work for the British rail, and I can tell you that trains are a great way to see the country. There's nothing like stepping out onto a platform in some random town and seeing the whole world laid out in front of you.

The train is also a good choice if you want to experience Vietnam without having to deal with traffic or parking. You don't even have to worry about directions, since the train will take care of all that for you.

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I tend to take the train when it is an option. It is fast, cheap, and tends to get you where you need to go. That being said, not every area has this as an option. 

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I Like Motor Bike

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I think it really comes down to which area you are staying in. Some places you can rely completely on trains and other spots you may as well rent a bike. I have done both! 

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I love your article and think it is great! I am a frequent traveler and have been to Vietnam a few times as well. I also agree that there are many options when it comes to transportation in Vietnam. The best way to get around is by bike, but if you are not up for that then the bus is the next best thing. There are a lot of options when it comes to air travel in Vietnam, but I have found that flying on budget airlines is by far the most convenient way to get around.

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It seems like it just comes down to who you are with (how may people) and where you are staying. Sometimes transport is not needed at all, other than from and to the airport! 

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I would imagine most people just use taxi and other car services the most. I think renting a bike would be fun though. Do you need a license for that? 

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@douknowhat As far as I know, you do. The only thing you can drive without a license is one of those street scooters. At least that is what I have been told when I was there. I only ever made use of public taxis and ride shares. 


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