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How to Bank in Vietnam: A Guide for Foreigners  

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Banking in Vietnam can be a confusing process for foreigners, as the country has a very different banking system than what many are used to. In this article, we will explore some of the pros and cons of banking in Vietnam, as well as how the system works for those who may not be familiar with it. photo: Hunters Race How do you open a bank account in Vietnam? What are the pros and cons…

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I'm a Vietnamese living in the USA. I've been trying to help a friend of mine who's been asking me about how to open an account in Vietnam.

She lives in Arizona and is working on getting a visa so she can move there and be with her boyfriend. Her visa is coming up soon, but she's not sure which bank to choose!

I've been telling her that Vietcombank is my favorite bank to use when I'm back home. It's easy to navigate, has great customer service, and it's close to where I live. But she wants to know more about what other options are available for her situation.

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I have heard that opening an account can be rather difficult in Vietnam but I never actually looked into it. Knowing there are international options for travel is a huge bonus though!

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Can you use crypto in Vietnam yet? 

That is something I am curious about considering more and more places are open to using it.

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Can someone who is a non-citizen get a bank account? I always assume that you needed to be a citizen in order to have a bank account or have some sort of business in said country to have an account.

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@sovintage Yes. Not all banks allow this though. You will have to find one that does. The article lists a few great suggestions. 

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Some countries make it so hard to do this but I have never had any issues with Vietnam banking. I think it makes more sense to have an account if you visit there more often or plan on staying for an extended period. I had one open because I was staying there for an entire summer.

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From my experience, banking in Vietnam is easier than in most places as they are not so strict and welcome foreigners looking to invest in their attractions and cities. 


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