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Traveling with Kids in Vietnam: Tips and Tricks That Work  

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If you're looking for a great place to take your family for some fun and relaxation, Vietnam is a great choice. The country has plenty of different places for tourists of all ages to enjoy, from the bustling city streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the peaceful beaches of Mui Ne. There are also many theme parks and natural wonders to explore, making Vietnam an ideal destination for a family vacation. photo: Dung Anh…

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I may not have children but I know some friends and family who do and have no idea how to travel with their kids! I am going to share this around. Great guide and helpful tick and tips all around. 

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I have only traveled once with children, not my own, and it was HARD. It was a family trip and there were 5 children ages 10 and under. The amount of times plans got ruined from them was off the charts! I like that you shared this guide but I personally would never travel with anyone under the age of 13 again! 

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Hi, I'm a single father of two and I wanted to share some of the tips that work for me when traveling with kids.

1. Bring an iPad or other device with games on it. They can use it in the car or on the airplane to keep themselves entertained.
2. Bring snacks! It's nice to have something to offer your kids so they don't get grumpy while waiting in lines or at restaurants.
3. Make sure you have a stroller or carrier for your child. They'll need somewhere to rest their head when they get tired!

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I agree with you on the importance of planning ahead when you're traveling as a family.

I also think it's important to keep in mind that you might not have access to all of your usual resources at home, so try to be prepared for the unexpected.

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Traveling with children is very hard. Having done it a few times, you really have to be prepared and have back up plans for back up plans. You also have to be prepared to cancel your own plans in favor of the child. 


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