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Did you ever live i...

Did you ever live in Vietnam for a while?  

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Has anyone here lived in Vietnam for a while? Maybe it was a brief time a few years ago, or maybe it was when you were a kid. For me, I never lived in Vietnam, but I would like to one day. Even if it's a temporary thing. I'd love to live there one day. 

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I have not yet lived in Vietnam, but have visited. I want to move there, much like most people here, but I'm in no hurry at the moment. Eventually when I retire I will move over there. 

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Yes I have, I've been there twice since a child and for my brother's wedding. I plan to go again once the pandemic is over with.

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I've been to Vietnam a few times, but haven't lived there for long at all sadly. I wish I could afford to live there, but that will come when I retire I think. 

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I never gone to Vietnam. As i know that it is a lovely and amazing tourist place during vacations. There are many travelers have come to this place for traveling all over the world.some places in vietnam are more attractive and foods are so delicious.The gleaming skyscrapers of the country's booming cities have a singular kind of beauty that shouldn’t be overlooked, but it’s the natural landscape that is truly breathtaking.


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