Do Schools in Vietn...

Do Schools in Vietnam teach English?  

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I'm mostly curious, as I have no need to learn english myself, but do schools in Vietnam teach English by any chance? I am not fluent in Vietnamese yet, so I figure if people in Vietnam can speak English somewhat, that would help me a lot. Either way, I'll continue to practice. 

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yes they do. there are plenty of english centers in Vietnam and they also start teaching english in middle grade school. every school is different though. there are international schools and private schools that teach you english much earlier.

many parents in vietnam want their children to learn english. it's what they believe to find a job that pays a high salary.

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I think pretty much every country teaches English to some extent. I knew in Vietnam my cousin learned to speak English in his school. So I would assume it's very prevalent in Vietnam. 

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There are many schools where you can teach English.


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