How are the covid n...

How are the covid numbers in Vietnam right now?  

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Covid has been around for a while now, and Vietnam has been dealing with it a lot recently. I was wondering if the numbers have since went down? Any news on when this will be resolved so we can travel to Vietnam again? 

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They recently dropped below 5,000 cases daily. It hasn't been this low since last July. I feel like the numbers have been a bit off from the start and a bit exaggerated but still, seeing them go down is a good sign.

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It is a lot lower than it was just in the spring so the numbers are coming down. I am hoping we can go back to normal and phase the rest of it out. Having people hide from it and keep hiding from it won't help anything.

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it's getting better, but the numbers are still high. I think they are re-opening Saigon now because of the impact on businesses and people's livelihoods. I guess the plan now is to get vaccinated and learn to live with Covid.


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