Have you saved any ...

Have you saved any vietnamese currency?  

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I have some vietnamese money from the time I stayed in Vietnam years ago. I plan to of course bring it back over to use. But was wondering if the money changed at all in the last 5 years? 

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Yes, I have some. I save currency from every place I visit. I have a small chest where I keep that, plane tickets, and pictures. I am going to get a bigger one in the near future. 

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Sure I have a few bills in a box of other things I got in Vietnam during my travels. It wasn't much money though. 

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I save everything from all my trips. I even take things from nature to save. I have a few boxes filled already! I love to look through them when I can't travel to make me feel better about the day. I did this a lot last year because I was getting so stressed out.


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