How much money do y...

How much money do you have saved for your travels to Vietnam?  

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Even though we probably won't be able to travel to Vietnam for a while, I instead have decided to add to my budget for the next time I can travel. My budget right now is nearly $5500, and I hope that will be enough. If not, I hope to save up to nearly $8,000. 


How much have you saved so far? 

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I don't like saying how much money I have saved up, but I have enough for a trip there and back. I don't intend to spend a whole lot, but I probably will end up spending more than I would hope. 

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Vietnam is a country with many wild natural landscapes, with a long coastline, from green rice terraces in Sapa to white sand beaches in Phu Quoc… you and your family go out together to explore, relax Relax in these wonderful locations. I hope the covid ends soon. so you can travel to Vietnam

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I think I have $2,000 saved up so far. But that's basically covers the plane ticket and maybe some taxi.

I need to work like 2 more months. I hope to save up at least $5,000 before going to Vietnam because I plan to spend at least $3,000 in the 30 days I'm there. I'm lucky I have relatives that want me to stay with them otherwise I would have to save a lot more.


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