Is Vietnam becoming...

Is Vietnam becoming more high tech by the day?  

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I feel like Vietnam has huge potential to be a beast in the tech industry. With production of many items happening in Vietnam, it made me wonder if Vietnam is also doing good things in tech as well. How good is the tech game in Vietnam? 

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I believe they are. Vietnam seems to be rising in a lot of areas. Once covid is taken care of, I think we'll know more about how they're improving in those type of sectors. 

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I feel as if there were many trends heading upward and COVID-19 kind of slowed things down. Not just for Vietnam but in most places. I feel like very few places benefited from it.. Maybe China is one of the few. It is a shame! I hope things go back to normal 100% after this year. 

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Yes, they are trying to make Thu Duc, a district in Saigon become a Tech Hub in the future. Also there are already some big tech companies in Vietnam like Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm as well as home grown companies like Vietnam's game company VNG trying to go public in the US.


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