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D1verse could have been the game changer for the vpop group problematic.  

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For people who don't know who they are:

RBW and Naver have their sights on the Vietnamese market!

On July 30, it was announced that RBW and Naver are teaming up to enter the Vietnamese market through the debut of a new Vietnamese boy group called D1Verse. They plan to work together for the smooth launching of the group, a diverse range of content, and securing the artist’s intellectual property rights.

RBW stated, “Naver Vietnam, the Vietnamese subsidiary corporation of Naver V CIC, invested in shares of RBW Vietnam. Also, beyond capital, it’s planned that there will also be an expansion of support from Naver’s live community platform V Live in regards to RBW Vietnam.”

For a few years now, RBW and Naver have been maintaining a partnership through V Live in Vietnam, and RBW Vietnam has produced popular variety content through V Live.

Naver V CIC head Park Sun Young stated, “A successful entrance into the global market has been achieved on the basis of RBW’s several years experience in idol cultivation overseas and knowledge about content creation, and as our interests in creating various content and securing artists’ IP in the future in Vietnam were a match, we invested in RBW.”

The Vietnamese idol group D1Verse has been living in Seoul at RBW’s headquarters since the end of last year, where they’ve received training. It’s planned that they will make their official debut within the year.

There are seven members in the planned lineup for D1Verse, and they’re currently filming the survival variety show “We Will Debut.” Their variety show will premiere on V Live in September.

This group could have been what the small and fractured idol scene in Vpop needed. We should have thought being trained by a big and known company like RBW who has success with Mamamoo would have brought us the perfect Vpop group. They were the first vietnamese to be promoted on 1thek.
But what was the end result? A super cheap and uinteresting mv and song.

And compare this to their other groups



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