Will M-TP Entertain...

Will M-TP Entertainment become the ''SM'' of Vietnam?  

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Do you thinks his company can be a game changer for the Vpop music market? Vpop artists are mostly independent or having their own mini-agency by themselves. With STMP company, it seems he follows a bit of the Kpop model on how companies operate. 

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He recently launched M-TP Talent agency but I think it's still too new to know whether it will be the next SM. SM has the human resources, we are talking 400+ employees. If Son Tung can hire hundreds of Vietnamese to help push Vpop out there, it could be the next SM of Vietnam. I can see it happening as the salary in Vietnam is much lower than S. Korea's. It's possible M-TP Talent can hire thousands of employees with a few million dollars of investment.


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