Do you think Son Tu...

Do you think Son Tung M-TP will return to music again?  

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I frankly think the govt and some people were too harshed on him. He could have just edited the suicide part away and replaced with another scene. But the question is now: Do you think he will return or will he retire now?


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I haven't been following what happened. All I know is that he got fined 70 million dong which is like $3,000 and his music video got removed. Did anything else happened?

I really hope he edits the music video and re-uploads it.

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I think he will. He is an artist and artists need to create.

The message was too dark/deep for mainstream music in Vietnam but I know it caught attention around the world!

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He will. He was just ahead of the times with this song. I understand why they felt the need to ban it because of the message and the music video. This won't slow him down!

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I think he will but he may need time away. It can hurt when someone's work is rejected like this and viewed as something bad for the general public. 


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