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HuyR and Rapper Tun...

HuyR and Rapper Tung Viu's "Co Gai Vang" Depicts the Ideal Woman of Men  

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After the staggering accomplishment of the MV “Anh Thanh Niên”, HuyR has been back on the music market with the newest song “Cô Gái Vàng” that is showing on NhacCuaTui.

“Cô Gái Vàng” is a music collaboration between HuyR and Rapper Tùng Viu. It contains a jubilant, delightful melody that depicts the ideal woman of most men. credit: “Cô Gái Vàng” MV Coming back this time, the song is estimated to rule the roost…

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It's smooth and good. I liked it. Plus the story of the best women for men theme was quite delightful. 

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@jaden_66 true. It is definitely delightful as heck.

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I like the idea behind the song, like the whole idea women for men idea. Besides that the songs good as well. 


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