Liz Kim Cuong Joins...

Liz Kim Cuong Joins B-Wild and C.A.C To Cover Dance "Lovesick Girls" of Popular Kpop Girl Group BLACKPINK  

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“Lovesick Girls” is considered as one of the most successful products of BLACKPINK in 2020. The song consistently has slayed many of the music charts in the world.

Some days ago, B-Wild made a cover dance video of this song with the collaboration of Liz Kim Cuong and C.A.C. The cover dance quickly caught attention from their fans. source: "‘Lovesick Girls’ Dance Cover By B-WILD x Liz Kim Cương x C.A.C Việt Nam" The…

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I love Blackpink ❤️❤️❤️
* blink blink*


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