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Vietnamese Artists and Their Fans Raise Millions of Dollars To Support Flood Victims of Central Vietnam  

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Recently, the central region of Vietnam has been submerged in serious flood owing to the consecutive heavy rains from major typhoons.

In some places, a thousand houses are in water up to 8 meters high, therefore many locals have been lacking food and other necessities. (source: Thủy Tiên’s Facebook) In that situation, some Vietnamese idols as well as their fans have supported the central region of Viet Nam. Singer Thủy Tiên, MC Trấn Thành,…

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This is a good step. I applaud them for this work. 

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They even ate instant noodles, they lived very happy when they went to charity work.

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That's great of them. I wish I was there to help in any way I can. I'm happy to see people coming together like this to help those in need. It's a scary situation and I am praying for everyone. 

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It's heartwarming to see people coming together to help those affected. It's heartbreaking what has happened to Vietnam in the past months with all the storms, typhoons, and mudslides.


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