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Liz Kim Cuong Relea...

Liz Kim Cuong Released Her Third MV "Thoi Gian Cua Anh Tinh Yeu Cua Em" Making It Her Most Productive Year Ever  

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Liz Kim Cương officially released the last music video of the mini song album "Bài Hát Tên Gì" on October 6th. The new song is aimed to mark her imposing comeback in Vpop.

It is said that Liz Kim Cương is one of the most productive and prominent singers in the year 2020 as she continuously launched two music videos within a month: “Khác Biệt To Lớn” and “Em Cần Một Người Quan Tâm”.…

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This is so beautiful and soothing to listen to. I actually got to listen to this song while I was watching a beautiful sunset, this song just made the sunset even better. 

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For sure an amazing song at the end of the year. Loved it. 

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Thank you for sharing this, I might have not gotten the chance to listen to this if it weren't for you sharing this post. 

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Her voice is soooo beautiful.


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