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Trinh Thang Binh Br...

Trinh Thang Binh Brings Traditional Elements Into His Song "Buc Binh Phong"  

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Trịnh Thăng Bình officially came back on the Vietnamese music with a new MV named “Bức Bình Phong” on December 15th.

Being inspired by the story “The Tale of Kieu” – a significant work of literature written by Nguyễn Du (1765-1820), the MV “Bức Bình Phong” is a story with a magic element-time travel. The MV brings out a creation revolving around Kiều’s life by the observation of a modern guy. source: “Bức Bình…

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The story is pretty unique, I like the way they presented the idea of traditional stuff in the form of going back in time. Like it's pretty cool and kindoff a unique way of getting to know how the things were in old days. 

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The lyric using Sino-Vietnamese words is the highlight of this song 👍🤩🤩

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"Bức Bình Phong", impressed by the lyrics using the Sino-Vietnamese language in a flexible way combined with the catchy melodies mixed with ethnic musical instruments.


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