Vpop artists you re...

Vpop artists you recommend?  

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I am fairly new to the Vietnamese pop scene. Do you guys and ladies have any suggestions for good Vietnamese music to check out? What artists/bands would you recommend a fan for classic rock and alternative rock music? I'd love to broaden my horizons in music, especially from Vietnam. 


Just realized I posted this in the wrong section. Please move to the Vpop area. Sorry about that! 

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No problem, I just moved the thread to Vpop forum for you.

As for recommendations, if you're just getting into Vpop I would suggest starting with Son Tung M-TP, JustaTee, Da LAB, AMEE and MIN.

I know there is a rock metal scene in Vietnam but I don't really follow it. I only know of these two rock/alternative bands: Chillies and Ngot.


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There are plenty of exceptional Vpop singers with the likes of Minh Dinh , Truc Xinh, Mai Tien Dung. Well my favorite is Gil Le.

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A vast list but Song Tung M-TP is what you should listen at the first place. For me , he's the prince of V-pop.


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