NewsHari Won Shares Remorseful Story of Not Being Able to Take Photos With Fans Due to Social Distancing

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Hari Won wrote an amiable status expressing her regret when running into her admirers but could not take photos together due to social distancing.

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source: Hari Won’s Facebook

In the context of the complicated development of the pandemic, Hari Won could not even take photos with her fans when they met in a public restroom, yet she rapidly posted a state of mind on her Facebook expressing a loving message to all of her beloved fans.

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source: Hari Won’s Facebook

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Besides, Đà Nẵng has been facing a shutdown for the past few days when some newly infected cases of the Coronavirus emerged. This news made the people more aware of taking safety precautions against the Covid-19.

The Vpop world is one of the first pioneers in the contribution of protecting public health and spreading awareness as we saw with the remake of “Ghen” by MIN and Erik called “Ghen Cô Vy”.

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source: Hari Won’s Facebook

The music video today has reached over 56 million views on YouTube and went viral worldwide. and are always the first ones assisting to widely spread expedient information to everyone. They encourage the people to comply with all the essential methods to protect themselves, the community, as well as their beloved ones against Covid-19.

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source: Hari Won’s Facebook

Owing to the second wave of this pandemic, Hari Won wasn’t able to shake hands with her fans. Even though Trấn Thành’s wife was wearing a face mask but her fans could still recognize her. After washing hands, this fangirl immediately strikes up a conversation with Hari Won in a very subtle, lovely way: “Hi, do you mind if I shake your hand? I have just washed it extra carefully!”. Without any hesitance, not only did Hari gave her hand to this friend, but also said that: “I would have asked to take a selfie together if the pandemic were not here”.

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