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NewsHoaprox and Minh’s “You & Me Alone” Reached Over 2 Billion Streams on China’s Music Platform

Henna6 months ago

Over a week ago, Vietnamese producer Hoaprox released the music video of “You & Me Alone” (Improvisation) in cooperation with Minh, the co-composer and vocalist of this song. On YouTube, the music video has already reached over 458,000 views in just 10 days of its release.

However, that is a minuscule comparison to the success it had when the song was shared on one of China’s largest music platforms – Netease. The song was well-received in China thanks to the the dynamic electro-dance music acquainted with the relatable and engaging lyrics sang by Minh. This Chinese music platform has helped his song become a massive hit with over two billion streams.

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hoaprox on stage

source: Hoaprox’s Facebook page

The lyrics of the song sends a message that we should not immerse ourselves too much in the online world and lose the real values of life. “Can we put down our phones, let’s enjoy this moment”.  “You & Me Alone” is the full version of the song “Improvisation” which was composed and performed in a catchy and vibrant rhythm by Hoaprox. “You & Me Alone” is a mixed classic guitar with an EDM beat where Minh’s voice inspires the listener and gives it a wonderfully unique touch.

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hoaprox xesi noi em muon toi

source: Hoaprox’s Facebook page

The music video of “You & Me Alone” was produced by Hoaprox, Techbeat Records and Di LE revealing some scenes of Hoaprox’s everyday moments such as his daily life, traveling the world and while on stage during his tours. It gives us a glimpse of what being a hit music producer from Vietnam with a global reach looks like.

In 2017, Hoaprox drew a lot of attraction in China for the hit song “Improvisation” (Ngẫu Hứng) which was the shorter raw version of “You & Me Alone” without the lyrics. He revealed that he composed this song in only 15 minutes. Although the song was only a little over a minute long in duration, it was highly addictive to listen to. Last year, he also had great success in the domestic market with “Vô Tình” featuring Vietnamese singer Xesi currently sitting at over 47 million views on YouTube. With the recent success of “You & Me Alone”, it looks like Vietnamese producer/DJ Hoaprox is becoming a prominent EDM name on the world stage.

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Original Source: https://billboardvn.vn/hoaprox-bat-tay-minh-tung-phien-ban-day-du-cua-you-and-me-alone-ngau-hung-tung-gay-bao-thoi-gian-qua/

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