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The last date you a...

The last date you ate that?  

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What was the last date you ate that? Is a new forum game idea I came up with. What you do is simple. I will start off by listing off a food item, it can be something simple like cake, or pizza. Or, it could be some fancy dish. The person who responds will say if they either "Ate That" and the last time they ate it. If they never had it, they can respond with "Never ate it" or "Looking to try it" etc.

I'll get it started, Last time you ate pizza was? - Yesterday


Now you'd respond with the last time you ate pizza. And then list off a question about a food item for the next user to answer. 


Do you guys understand? 

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I ate pizza for dinner today. 

When's the last time you ate Pasta? Ik I have an obsession with italian food lol


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