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The Say One Fact about Vietnam game  

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I don't think there's a topic like this in here yet, so I feel it's worth adding here. Let's make a forum game where we just spit out facts about Vietnam. I will post a fact about Vietnam, and the next person can respond with a fact of their own. I will start us off. 

Vietnam is shaped like the letter S. I never noticed that before, or never really looked for it. But yeah, it kind of does. Not a super cool fact or anything, but it's something to start us off. 

Anyway, next person in line?

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A fact I found is this one. You can find it at this link here - Which also has other facts. Feel free to use it if needed. :)

Tet Nguyen Dan (or simply Tet) is the most important festival in Vietnam. It celebrates rebirth and is an equivalent of the Lunar New Year.


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