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20 most beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat  

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Da Lat, a city located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is famous for its cool climate and beautiful natural landscape. Below is a list of the 20 most beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat:

1. Xuan Huong Lake: The lake is located right in the middle of the city center, is a romantic destination with beautiful scenery and lotus flowers floating on the water.

2. Bao Dai Palace: Is the residence of King Bao Dai - the last emperor of Vietnam. Bao Dai Palace has unique architecture and is located on a hill, providing beautiful scenery and special history.

3. Valley of Love: Known as "Valley of Love", this is a shady field of sunflowers and green flowers with a romantic setting.

4. Tuyen Lam Lake: The lake is located between lush green mountains, surrounded by Tran Quoc Temple and green pine trees. This is a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy nature.

5. Datanla Waterfall: One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat, with green mountain scenery and cool water.

6. Magnolia Flower Street: Flower street is located along both sides of the road leading into the city, with thousands of blooming magnolia trees, creating a poetic scene.

7. Dalat Flower Garden: Is a large flower garden with many diverse flowers and bright colors. This is an ideal place to visit and take photos.

8. Dalat Valley: With coffee fields, flowers and pine forests, Dalat valley offers a beautiful and attractive natural scenery.

9. Yersin Park: The park is named after scientist Alexandre Yersin, who discovered the bacteria that causes rabies. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy green space.

10. Langbiang: Langbiang Mountain peak is the highest point in Da Lat, providing a beautiful view of the highlands and the city.

11. Tuyen Lam Valley: A green valley with meadows, lakes and lush green trees.

12. Green Garden Sheep Farm: This is a sheep farm located in the middle of green fields, allowing visitors to get close to the sheep and participate in livestock activities.

13. Mimosa Valley: With beautiful landscapes and blooming mimosa flowers, Mimosa Valley creates a cool and interesting green space to explore.

14. Linh An Pagoda: Is a pagoda located on the top of the mountain, with unique architecture and panoramic views of Da Lat city.

15. Dalat Flower Park: A vibrant flower park with the colors and scents of different types of flowers.

16. Than Tho Lake: Is a small lake located in the pine forest area, creating a peaceful and relaxing space.

17. Pongour Waterfall: This is a sorry, but I can only provide 15 of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat. Here's the next list:

16. Pongour Waterfall: This is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat, with white water flowing through stone steps.

17. Dalat Strawberry Garden: Located on the outskirts of the city, the strawberry garden is a popular destination, where visitors can pick fresh strawberries and enjoy products made from strawberries.

18. Dalat Tourism Vocational College: This is a college located between flower fields and pine forests. Visitors can visit the school and enjoy the green space.

19. Datanla Waterfall: Beautiful waterfall with strong water falling from a height, creating a breathtaking scene.

20. Golden Valley: With its meadows and wildflowers, the Golden Valley offers a beautiful and interesting setting to explore.

These locations offer unique experiences and beautiful natural landscapes, helping you discover the beauty of Da Lat.

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