Do you prefer earbu...

Do you prefer earbuds or over the ear headphones? or other?  

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I prefer using wired earbuds. The ones I got do a good job at noise cancelling, and the quality is pretty good. I like over ear headphones too, but they tend to be tougher because of my hair. I don't like getting my hair caught in them. And they always catch my hair, no matter the headphones. 

But what is your preference?

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Earbuds take me awhile to get used to. Mainly because I hate putting anything in my ears. But I got used to these earbuds I bought a while ago. Over the ear headphones are great. I don't use them though as I prefer earbuds and their ability to block out background noise. 

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Earbuds for me as well. I don't like having something on top of my head. I don't even like wearing hats. I feel like I am more prone to migraines when I do have something on or around my head to I avoid it.


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