Do you think people...

Do you think people who are unfulfilled in life are the cause of all these issues?  

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There seem to be more and more people who are finding issues where there are none and causing problems without actually solving things. I see this all over the west and it is sad. Do you think this is down to people not feeling fulfilled in life or something?

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I really don't know. Maybe? My father said people who are bored with life create issues for themselves where they don't exist to make them feel like they have purpose. 

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I think people who don't feel they have purpose try to create it and not very many people are creative enough for it. If that makes sense. I think this is why having a strong family unit and tradition is so important. 

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It is part of the problem I am sure but the way we eat and socialize impacts a lot.  Many people don't drink enough water, some don't drink it at all. Many eat junk food or processed food and it accounts for most of their diet. We are not in the sun as much as we once were. There is a lot to factor in here.

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People who are bored tend to cause problems in their own lives and blame everyone else other than themselves. When you accept responsibility, you cause yourself to have purpose. 


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