Do you watch tv any...

Do you watch tv anymore?  

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I feel like TV has become obsolete when we have so many streaming services out there. I feel like cable tv will end up dying out one day, and we'll have just streaming services. I don't see a point in cable tv anymore anyway. 

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I like to watch tv also with my family but i don't have much time to watch it now because everyone has phone and online work .

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I mostly watch things on my PC or my tablet. I can't remember the last time I actually say in front of a TV and watched it. I don't even own one. I have no use for it. When I can easily enjoy watching something on a different device, it makes it pointless to own.

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Yea I still whenever I back to hometown. My family usualy watch TV together in dinner time, and it's the most happy time for me. Playful  



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