Happy Easter (to th...

Happy Easter (to those that celebrate)!  

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I am not sure who all here celebrates the day but I wanted to wish those of you that do, a Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy spending time with friends and family and enjoy your weekend. If you travel to see family, safe travels! Spring is finally here, we should all get outside and enjoy nature. 

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My family celebrates but not in the same sense as most people. I know some people celebrate it as a sort of family and childhood thing like Christmas or they celebrate the religious aspects of it. My family does in the sense of it being spring. I know Spring officially starts in March but for my family, it starts on Easter. We have a family meal and plant some flowers, vegetables, etc. together in the afternoon prior to eating. I just got home. 

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I always enjoyed the Spring time for this holiday and all the colors involved. It was never something we celebrated from a religious standpoint though. I know some people in my family were/are Catholic but most are agnostic. 


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