What do you like ab...

What do you like about warmer weather?  

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I have been waiting for it to warm up outdoors so I can start my outdoor things like prepping the flower bed and starting my garden. I am just happy to see the cold weather is basically over. It has been a long winter to say the least. 

I don't much care for the heat but when the humidity is low and the sun is out, around 75 is perfection. 

What do you enjoy about warmer weather?

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I don't like the bugs or humidity. Outside of that, I like everything else. I like the warmth of the sun, I am happier in the summer time, I do more outside. I tend to be more active too. 

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I like that I can spend more time outdoors. We get a lot of rain in the spring but it seems like we are not getting as much this year and the weather is already warming up. I was working in my yard today. Got a lot of much needed sun!


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