Have you ever succe...

Have you ever successfully broke a bad habit?  

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I think we all have struggles with addiction on different levels. Usually, the bad habit we are addicted to is something that hinders our lives in the long run. Have you ever broken a bad habit that you are proud of? Maybe gave up drinking or smoking? Or successfully stuck to a diet to lose weight?

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I used to smoke cigarettes, but it took me a few years to finally quit the ugly habit. I had struggled quitting my whole life, but now that I'm out of the woods there, I feel so much better, and healthier as well. 

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I too was a smoker. I switched to vaping after smoking for 6 years. I vaped for almost 3 years and quit all together in 2019. I weened myself off nicotine by using less and less in my vape which helps when I did quit. 


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