How do you fix your...

How do you fix your sleep after traveling?  

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I find that my sleep gets messed up for weeks after I do any kind of traveling. I like to stick to a schedule of being asleep before midnight and up before 8AM every day but whenever I travel, I am so thrown off and have trouble fixing my sleep schedule. How do you fix yours? 

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You have to try to stay on a schedule while on vacation. So if you are used to sleeping at midnight, just make sure you do so while on vacation. The timezones will mess you up but your body is more adaptive to the nature of the sun than the clock!

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Lots of coffee and naps. I mean, it kind of makes the problem last longer but I can cope with it easier. I just make sure to only use coffee before 2 PM so my sleep isn't more disturbed from caffeine later in the evening. 

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I will usually stay up as long as I can when I get home after traveling, depending on the time. I like to be tired and ready for bed around 11PM so if I am awake and on the plane at 4AM, I will stay up until 11PM so I sleep well. Avoiding naps and coffee. 


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