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Any popular game sh...

Any popular game shows in Vietnam?  

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Are there any popular game shows in Vietnam? I really get into the game shows the US does, like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and more. Are there any fun game shows in Vietnam as well?

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Trivia tic-tac-toe: Chọn ai đây

Food gameshow: Bếp vui bùng vị

Talent guessing: Siêu bất ngờ

Word guessing quiz: Úm ba la ra chữ gì

Lightning quiz: Nhanh như chớp

Lightning quiz kids: Nhanh như chớp nhí

Vietnam wheel of fortune: Chiếc nón kỳ diệu (ended in 2016)


If you're also interested in variety shows

- Chạy đi chờ chi (S1) / Chơi là chạy (S2);  Running Man Vietnam

- 7 nụ cười xuân

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What kind of games you're talking about ?. Is it PC games which are popular in Vietnam 


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