How often do you go...

How often do you go to the doctors?  

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Prior to COVID-19, I had not gone since I was a child. I had no reason to go. Anytime I got sick, I would eat lots of foods with vitamin C and rest. I only have gotten the cold or flu maybe 3 times since the age of 10. The last time I had one was in 2011. Since COVID-19, I have gone 4 times! I guess I was just worried more so than in the past. 

How often do you go?

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This year is my bad year maybe, so I went to hospital for over 4 times 😭 but if I just get cold or lightly sickness, I just go to the pharmacy to buy medicine

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I don't go often. Only if I need to. I know we should all get once-a-year check-ups but I really can't be bothered. If I feel good and I am not eating terribly, I do not worry about it.

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I likely average going once a year, sometimes twice a year. It depends on if I need special check-ups or if something is bothering me. If we include dental and other care, then I go 3+ times a year.


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