Night owl or mornin...

Night owl or morning person?  

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Would you say you're a night owl or a morning person? I like to stay up late, as I can relax and be alone for a while. It's a nice feeling to be honest. Anyway, which is your preference? I'm not much of a morning person lol. 

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I a bit of both. Sometimes I can wake up early, and other times I enjoy staying up really late. 

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I hate to work in night, i love sleeping i can not sacrifice my night sleep for work. I wake up early in the morning so i can complete my work before night so i am a morning person

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  • Covid made me become a night owl lol
  • I'm enjoy staying late at night, I feel like this world be mine and I can do anything I want. All of my feelings show up almost at night.
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I was very much a night owl when I was younger. Once I started working and my schedule changed, I began to shift into being a morning person. Now I prefer to be sleeping before midnight. I feel awful on days I stay up later. 


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