What to do you guys...

What to do you guys do when you go broke?  

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Well I just take a pause on travelling and every expense that led me to being broke in the first place.  Then it's time to call some friends for some loan. Then I just try to get around the month and wait for the next paycheck. After I get the paycheck I pay off my dept and since the last two years I save up incase if I go broke or something happens. The savings part has saved me from being broke since the past two years.

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I find whatever work I can, and try to make it work for me. Other times, I just wait until I can find something better, or I hitchhike if I really need to. 

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I see you wrote this a long time ago. I always have savings, whether I'm going to brokers or not. I tend to cut back on spending on stuff and on big purchases if I don't need it at the moment or if I don't have anything broken. When I decided to take out a mortgage, I`d saved a decent amount of money up to that point and carefully chose a firm that wouldn't bankrupt me on the interest. Btw Mortgage Broker Essex are these guys, if anyone is interested. In general, you have to save all the time, you never know where you are going to ruin. Plus it's easier to pay off a loan.

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I'm always sure about the money whenever I go because I scare if something happens suddenly. 


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