What TV shows are y...

What TV shows are you watching?  

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What is currently on your watch list?

I am always looking for new shows. I have a hard time finding something I like. I considered watching Westworld but season 3 was so disappointing that I don't know if I will bother with season 4. 

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I don't currently have anything I am watching. The shows I watch are out of season. I am waiting for Solar Opposites to come back so that is one recommendation if you don't watch it already. It is way better than Rick and Morty. 

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Westworld has a weak start. I will carry on watching it though. I want to see where the story goes.

Other than that, I started watching a few older sitcoms. I am watching Community, Archer, and catching up with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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I just watch stuff on YouTube these days. I have not found a movie or TV shows that are able to hold my interest. I feel like older shows are better and I will watch older stuff when I am in the mood for something. 

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I was watching Stranger Things but I feel like the show is kind of tanking. I am losing interest in the story and all the kids who are meant to be kids are now 18+ years old! 

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@weenie Really? I have heard the opposite. It seems as if they are saving the series. Have you watched the latest one or is this in reference to the last season?


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