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Rhymastic's real name is Vũ Đức Thiện, and is a young rapper, recording artist, and music producer who is interested in young people in Vietnam.

Rhymastic là ai? Tiểu sử, sự nghiệp, đời tư của nam rapper

Rhymastic | Wikia Producerviet | Fandom
• Born: April 8, 1991 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Profession: Singer, Rapper, Producer, Musician
• Genres: R&B Music, Rap Music, Hip hop Music, EDM Music
• Record label: SpaceSpeakers Music
• Cooperation with: Binz, Bich Phuong, Son Tung M-TP

Rhymastic graduated from Hanoi Architectural University. With a passion for art, Rhymastic has learned to compose and produce music by herself since 2009.

He has worked for M4ME studio with famous young artists like Justa Tee and Young Uno.
In 2011, Rhymastic officially entered a professional music career, as a rapper, music producer at Space Speakers.

Rhymastic – Wikipedia tiếng Việt
In 2018, Rhymastic held a meeting with Thanh Huyền after a long time of love. Before being known as Rhymastic's lover, Thanh Huyền used to be a familiar lookbook model face in Hanoi.

Vợ sắp cưới Rhymastic: Nhan sắc xinh đẹp, vóc dáng quyến rũ

Vợ sexy của nam rapper được Trấn Thành mời đi diễn hài




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Little Rhymastic is sooooo adorable. 🥰

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It looks like he's having a little vacation. Wish I was on vacation right now, this looks like a lot of fun. 

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Thanks to Rhymantic, Wowy, Suboi, I have a different perspective on rap. Before, I felt it was too fast music and because I like slow tempo songs, but after watching it, it turned out that I mistook Rap for a deep meaning of sentimental philosophy vs full of passion, especially Rhymantic so cool, cute and funny🤟🤟

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Is he part of a rap competition or some singing competition? Saw a few posts on his instagram like this, but each post there was less and less people in it, so I assumed people are eliminated every week? If so, looks like he may be in the top 4. Awesome. 

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What's Rap Viet? Is it like a rap themed competition show in Vietnam? 

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