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10 Must-See Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City  

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Anyone who visits Ho Chi Minh City will be quickly overwhelmed by the number of things to see and do. The city is a mix of old and new, East and West, with a vibrant culture all its own. From the colonial architecture to the street food, there is something for everyone in HCMC. Here are 10 must-see attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. photo: Quang Pham Duy The Central Post Office: This beautiful building…

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I agree! I visited Ho Chi Minh City about a year ago and it was a blast. The food, the architecture, and the people are all amazing.

The only thing is, if you're going to be there for more than a couple of days, get ready for some serious humidity. It's hot as hell!

I remember one day in particular when I was walking around with my friend and we were dripping sweat faster than we could towel off and we were just walking around town! You should definitely bring along a waterproof umbrella or raincoat if you're planning on being outside for long periods of time.

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I feel like this is easily one of the best cities in Vietnam. 

Having been to Ho Chi Minh City twice, I can say that it is one of my most favorite places I have been to! I have gone to other areas as well as other countries. 

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I have only seen Landmark 81 from a distance! I wish I would have had more time to go see it up close. I am usually not a city girl but I did enjoy what little time I spent here on my last trip. 

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Such a wonderful city. I have been to a few big cities in different countries but this one has always been one I have wanted to go see in person. I am hoping to go next year!!

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How big is Ho Chi Minh City? I have never been.

I don't mind cities but I prefer to visit smaller ones. They tend to have more of a sense of family and togetherness. 


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