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It's so costly for ...

It's so costly for Americans to go to Vietnam right now  

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Only the rich viet kieus could afford it. You'd have to go into mandatory quarantine for 14 days. I heard it can cost up to $4,000 per person. Also, you need to be there for business or family, not for vacation. Visa is only 1 month so after the quarantine you'll only have 16 days there. Not sure if I would do it even if I had that kind of money. You'd probably need at least $8,000 min for a good trip. round trip plane ticket, quarantine money, food/hotel...

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Oh wow, I didn't know any of that. I guess I will have to wait until after this pandemic before I can officially travel there again. I can't afford to deal with that. Plus if that's true, I can't afford to pay $4000 like that. I suppose that's one way to keep people from traveling for the time being. Which I guess is smart on their part. 


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