The Best Temples to...

The Best Temples to Visit in Vietnam  

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When traveling to Vietnam, one of the best things you can do is visit some of the many stunning temples located throughout the country. Each temple has its own unique history and charm, making them all worth a visit. Here are just a few of the best temples to check out during your time in Vietnam! Vietnam is home to many beautiful temples, each with their own unique history and charm. From the famous Temple…

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I can't believe how many temples there are in Vietnam! There are so many temples from different backgrounds. I also heard there are Hindu temples in Vietnam. It's an amazing place so much to see and do!

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I have only been to a few but I want to make sure I visit all the ones recommended here. I love seeing places like this an experiencing the energy within them. It is a cool experience! 

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I have been to the Temple of Literature and it is better in person! I have seen videos of it and pictures and it is just one of those places you need to go see for yourself. 

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Most areas you can visit and stay in will have some sort of temple, be it big or small. Just plan to see which ever one is close to where you are staying. They are all beautiful and worth seeing in person!

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I am not religious by any means but I have always been fascinated by temples and churches around the world. They hold so much depth and history. I love visiting them when I am in Vietnam. 


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