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Has quarantine gone...

Has quarantine gone up to 2 weeks again?  

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I'm hearing 3000+ more came down with covid on Monday alone. Are we forced to sit in a 2 week quarantine yet? Or is it still at just 1 week?

I hope we can travel soon without doing a quarantine. 

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I am honestly not sure. I feel like every few weeks things change. We seem closer to going back to normal and then a bunch more cases happen. I haven't not been updated on it being 2 weeks yet but that could very well be the case at this point! 

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I think some people are doing it but others are not. It was advised to do a minimum of 14 days just to make sure you are not spreading your germs around. This is 14 days after you feel better. 

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I sure hope it hasn't as I have been carrying on as usual. No one has stopped me yet! I think this might be because I still wear my mask everywhere. I know not everyone does but I like to be respectful. 


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