The rise of rap mus...

The rise of rap music in Vietnam a good or bad thing?  

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Ever since the Rap Viet show and other rap contest TV shows became famous, it looks like more and more Vietnamese people are now getting into rap music. My YouTube feed is now like 70% rap and 30% pop/ballad. What do you guys think about this transformation in the industry? Is it a good thing for Vietnam?

I think it will turn many Vietnamese girls to tattoos, twerking and dressing more like thots with purple and green dreadlocks. I don't like it. The crime rate will rise in Vietnam because of this as they share their story of getting rich by robbing people, selling drugs or being a pimp. It's ok to feature a clean rap artist in your pop song but please leave the gangsta rap alone. It has no place in Vietnam.

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Why would it be a bad thing? I think rap getting more popular in Vietnam would be a good thing. I think it brings business and culture. 

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Any type of music can have a bad affect however Rap music isnt to be blamed. Its the parents of the rap artists but I hear what you are saying though. Rap is universally accepted everywhere and its the easiest way to connect with the youth generation. For the ladies dressing up as thots? It's all on them to understand self value and the negativity of having fast relationships. Its all parenting when it comes down to that. Our new generation of parents listen to rap music so they already understand and parents should be doing their job as parents and listen and teach their children whats right and wrong. Doesn't have nothing to do with rap music. 


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