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Vietnam reports 6 n...

Vietnam reports 6 new covid cases  

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Yikes, hope you're all doing okay over there. Just so you know, covid is still a threat to us all, and it looks like recently 6 more people came down with the virus in Vietnam. I imagine Vietnam has things locked down pretty good to make sure no one else is infected. 

You can read this news here - https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/vietnam-reports-6-new-covid-19-cases-2626-in-total-2021-04-03

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Sorry to hear that, hope they stop it from increasing. 6 people may not be much, but that could turn into 10, 20, and then more. So hope they stop it in its tracks. 

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Here in the US, it's up by a lot yet. Even though the vaccine is around, people aren't getting it for some dumb reason. 

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Yeah, we're going to see a few pop up here and there. People are still not 100% taking things seriously, so we're bound to see some small outbreaks here and there. And that's not even considering the fact that some people will not be getting the vaccine. 


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