What traditional Vi...

What traditional Vietnamese attire is okay for visitors to wear?  

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I know in other Asian countries, some allow certain things to be purchased and worn by non-natives but I never actually looking into this when it comes to Vietnam. Does anyone know what is and is not acceptable? 

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I am not sure about men's wear but I do know the ao dai is worn by visitors but you have to be respectful. You can read more about it here: https://www.itourvn.com/blog/a-guide-to-ao-dai-vietnamese-traditional-dress

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If you can buy it in the city, it is fine. I would just avoid going to more conservative shops and specialty shops in smaller areas as they may not appreciate you wearing their traditions like a costume. 

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The only really cloth typical to Vietnam ais the ao dai, which very few Western women wear because they are less thin than the Vietnamese ones(besides it is too warm for them, to a point that very few Viet women now wear it except on special occasions plus airplane stewardesses, bank and other public establishment employees and waitresses in some restaurants.


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