After Six Years of ...

After Six Years of Absence, Quang Anh Rhyder Returns With "Em La Ai" Featuring Feliks Alvin  

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The song “Em Là Ai” is a splendid collaboration between Quang Anh Rhyder and producer Feliks Alvin. The song “Em Là Ai” belongs to the Deep House genre with a catchy melody performed and composed by Quang Anh Rhyder.

The music video “Em Là Ai” was released on September 19th, 2019 on POPS MUSIC’s YouTube Channel. Source: The music video “Em Là Ai” describes a young couple’s love story (played by Quang Anh…

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I wonder why they took a absence for 6 years? Maybe they needed a break or was just focusing on toning their musician skills. Anyways its great to see them making a comeback!


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